277 Pennsylvania Street
Buffalo, New York

C. 1892
Style - Queen Anne
Restoration by Tim Hess Painting

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Queen Anne style of architecture


Tower placed at a front facade corner

  • Asymmetrical facade
  • Front-facing gable

Tower placed at a front facade corner

Gable is decorated with patterned shingles

Finial atop conical tower

  • Slate roof
  • Diamond- and saw-toothed-shaped wooden shingles

  • Round tower rising from ground level
  • Simple window surrounds
  • Full-width, one-story-high porch
  • Pedimented porch includes the front entrance area

Scroll saw ornamentation in the tympanum

  • Simple door surrounds
  • Doors has decorative detailing and a single large pane of glass
  • Shingle over clapboard
  • Three-sided bay

Band of saw-tooth shingles as trim

  • Steeply pitched roof
  • Window sashes have only a single pane of glass

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Gable is decorated with patterned shingles

This is one of many houses being restored by Tim Hess Painting. Original colors are used in all the company's work whenever possible, for example, this house. Interior work at 722 Pennsylvania includes restructuring five apartments into three.

Other restoration by Tim Hess Painting includes 340 Richmond Avenue, 391 Jersey Street, 290 Pennsylvania, First Presbyterian Church (gold leafing, restenciling, restoring art work), and the Michener Museum.

Other projects by Tim Hess Painting include constructing a 20 foot tall reproduction of a Tuscany villa for trade shows and painting a Rochester horse (the equivalent of Buffalo's bisons) with a Buffalo Bills uniform.

Queen Anne Features of This House:
  • Asymmetrical facade