St. Felix and Child

St. Felix of Cantalice: St. Felix's parents were devout peasants. He was a shepherd and a ploughman. He entered the Capuchin monastery and became a lay brother. He was spoken of as "the Saint." For his assignment, he was sent to Rome where, for forty years, he filled the post of questor, whose daily duty was to beg for food and alms for himself and for the community. For everything he gave thanks to God and the words "Deo Gratias" were so constantly on his lips that the Roman street urchins called him Brother Deo Gratias.

The first Felician sisters took children, mostly orphans, they cared for to a nearby church and prayed before the statue of St. Felix. Soon the people began to call them the sisters of St. Felix or Felician Sisters.

St. Felix is usually depicted holding a bag for food.

This statue was commissioned in memory of the Felician orphanage (burned) on William and Kennedy streets, in 2009 an empty lot.