Fort Tompkins
Buffalo, NY: Plaque located the left side of the BCB International building at 1010 Niagara Street near School Street.

Erie County, Buffalo, Niagara River.
Also called Fort Adams. Likely named for Governor Daniel D. Tompkins.

Built in August 1812 on top of the bluff at the bend of Niagara Street. Location was street railway barns in 1914.

Large earthwork mounting seven guns, and was the largest of eight batteries erected that summer.

To the South was Old Sow Battery, and to the North was Gibson's Battery.

British attacked Black Rock July 1813 and destroyed the Black Rock Blockhouse and spiked or carried off the guns at Fort Tompkins.

Fort Tompkins was one of several fortifications along the western edge of Buffalo on the Niagara River.

This particular area of the city has a large escarpment overlooking the river, affording excellent advantages to attackers from the water.

The fort here was built in August of 1812 and was made of earth. It contained seven mounted guns and was the largest battery built during that summer.

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