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2010-2020 Vision & Goals - Eight Ideas

Idea #3. Appreciate the "Nature of the Niagara Frontier," celebrate "The Oldest Tree in Buffalo" and support "Garden Walk Buffalo"

The Center for the Study of Art, Architecture, History & Nature (C-SAAHN) is pleased to announce that it is a sponsor and supporter of the 2010 Buffalo Garden Walk, July 24 & 25.

While we support the effort to become known as a National Garden Walk, C-SAAHN recommends that the idea expands next year to become the first international garden walk by including Mather Park in Fort Erie, both cities of Niagara Falls and the entire Canadian Niagara River shoreline trail: "The Buffalo Niagara International Garden Walk." The map could simply show this regional perspective and become immediate on the present Garden Walk web site. If agreed to soon, this idea could make next years marketing brochures from Erie and Niagara County and Ontario Visitor Bureaus (see Idea #7).

Also, C-SAAHN recommends that the 300 year old sycamore tree on Franklin St. be included on all future Garden Walk maps.

C-SAAHN is a proud sponsor of Garden Walk Buffalo which now includes the "Oldest Tree" on its Garden Walk Buffalo Map.

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