Buffalo Architecture and History

FYI - April 15, 2017

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St. John Kanty RC Church

Helsinki Central Railway Station

Lafayette Movie Theater

Bradley Castiglia, Max Abramovitz in Buffalo, NY  Reprint

Bradshaw Hovey, "Doug Swift: : 'Sometimes you gotta take a risk' "   Reprint

Corey Fabian Borenstein, The Connector:  The Distinctive Sandstone of the Richardson Olmsted Campus   Reprint

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International Railway Bridge

Stella Lowry House, 497 Delaware Avenue

Barnes & Hengerer Building


My public talks and tours

Explore Buffalo


In the April 13th edition of “Gusto” in The Buffalo News, Colin Dabkowski  wrote an article entitled “Buffalo’s Public Art Tour Via Metro Rail.”
: This Website has photos of the art at each of the stations as well as 125+ individual  public art pieces along Main Street and throughout the city.  Also, Explore Buffalo gives guided tours of the Metro Stations art.

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