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Apron / Skirt / Frieze

Apron / skirt - settee or chair: plain or valanced element suspended from the rail of a chair seat

Apron / skirt - table, cabinet, or chest: strip or panel, (usually shaped, carved or ornamented) below a table top, connecting the legs

Apron / frieze / skirt - case furniture: perpendicular face below the lowest drawer. (Case furniture: designed to contain or store objects, e.g., chests, cabinets, desks, bookcases, drawer units)

Arched skirt

Scalloped skirt:
marked or cut into segments of a circle

Frieze: the flat band directly beneath the cornice.

Frieze drawer: The top drawer of a chest which extends forward over the main body of the chest. It is usually supported by columns or pilasters An Empire or Biedermeier early-19th-century design.

Pulvinar frieze: slightly bulging frieze. "Most William and Mary tallboys and highboys had a flat cornice top and with a slightly bulging frieze called a pulvinar frieze." - Treena Crochet, Designer's Guide to Furniture Styles," pub. 2204, p. 135

1) Board (horizontal under the window sill
2) a broadened area of pavement at the end of a driveway.

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