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Nave, Transepts, North Porch

St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral
128 Pearl Street, Buffalo, NY

Nave: The central aisle; the part of a church located between the chief entrance and the chancel, and separated from the side aisles by piers or columns.

"Nave" comes from the Latin "navis" which means "ship," an early symbol of the church.

In 1850, the old frame church (erected in 1819) was sold to the German Evangelical Church. The 1851 replacement church was designed by Richard Upjohn. That church was almost entirely destroyed by fire caused by a natural-gas explosion in 1888. The restored church was designed by Robert W. Gibson. In Gibson's design, two transepts were added, as well as a stone vestry room and porch on Church Street.

Transepts are the part of a cruciform church, projecting at right angles to the main building. In St. Paul's, the "transepts" are somewhat artificial in that they are an extension of the side aisles separated from the nave with a 32' distance between end columns instead of a 24' distance between the nave columns.

Window, other than the Ascension window above the altar and the memorial windows, were designed by J. and R. Lamb of New York.

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Interior of St. Paul's in 1884, designed by Richard Upjohn.

Floor plan of the restored church designed by by Robert W. Gibson

Colored slate aisle floor ... oak pews

Marble baptismal font designed by Robert W. Gibson.

Oak pews. Arcaded Gothic arches

Oak pews.

The four-bay nave is marked by sandstone columns

Detail - Ten Commandments are delivered to Moses in the south "transept"

Detail - The Resurrection stained glass window in south "transept"

Detail - The Deliverance of Shadrach, Meschah and Abednego From the Fiery Furnace

Chancel and south transept

South transept.
All walls are painted plaster

South transept and south side aisle

The 1943 oratory altar in memory of Norman E. Mack and Harriet T. Mack

Fourteenth-century painting by Jan Pollack.

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North porch stained glass window.

Detail of previous photo

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