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By Charles Cary Rumsey

Photos taken Jan. 2015

Charles Cary Rumsey (Sculptor)
 H. Rouard (Founder)
Bronze Statue on Granite Base
Height: 13' / Width: 4.5' / Depth: 11.5'

A male figure sits astride a horse with his proper right arm around the horse's neck, his torso against the proper right side of the horse's head facing towards the back of horse. His proper left arm is outstretched holding a bow.  The horse is rearing up on its hind legs. 

Horses were the favorite subject of Charles Rumsey. He was a sportsman. In Bullfinch's book, Age of Fable, a Centaur was a monster represented as a man, from the head to the loins, with the remainder of the body that of a horse.
- City of Buffalo: Public Art Collection Online (online Jan. 2015)
Although a centaur, Chiron's physical appearance often differs somewhat from other centaurs, demonstrating his status and heritage. In traditional Greek representations of Chiron his front legs are human, rather than equine, this is in contrast to the traditional representation of centaurs,which have the entire lower body of a horse. This clearly sets Chiron apart from the other centaurs, making him easily identifiable.

This difference may also have highlighted Chiron's unique lineage, being the son of Cronus. Chiron is often depicted carrying a branch with dead hares he has caught hanging from it. Chiron is also often depicted wearing clothes, demonstrating he is more civilised and unlike a normal centaur .

- Wikipedia: Chiron  (online Jan. 2015)

 Photos and their arrangement 2015 Chuck LaChiusa
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