McCann House - Table of Contents

Exterior - Chloe A. McCann House 
20 Norwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York

Queen Anne

April 2018 photos unless indicated otherwise

December 2017 photo

Note  Medina sandstone hitching post near street curb

Medina sandstone hitching post near street curb

Tower ...   First story Medina sandstone   ...   Note high end architectural roof shingles that resemble slate and the top finial (detailed below:)

Sawtooth shingles    ...   Lattice windows   ...   Painted wooden shingles

Basement and first story:  Medina sandstone


Sawtooth shingles    ...   Balustrade with finial

Stylized columns

Oak double doors

Medina sandstone

20 Norwood Avenue model
Artist: Arlan Peters, 2010-12

1/20 scale.  8' side length

East elevation (Norwood Avenue)

North elevation

Backyard   ...   Often on display on the annual Buffalo Garden Walk

South elevation

Special thanks to Dominic DeFillippo for his cooperation and Arlan Peters for his assistance in 2018

Photos and their arrangement 2018 Chuck LaChiusa
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