Parkside Candy Co.
3208 Main St. at Winspear, Buffalo, NY

Visitor Information: (716) 833-7540

Photos - Exterior

Photos -

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Parkside Candy, Main & W. Oakwood Painting by Dr. V. Roger Lalli / Narrative by D. Rote

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Highlights of Buffalo History, 1927

The Parkside Candy Shoppe and Factory is locally significant as a largely intact example of an early twentieth-century confectionary production and sales facility. The buildings are significant under criteria A in the area of commerce for their associations with Buffalo's commercial history for more than 80 years. The store and factory complex is a good representative example of the type of independent candy store and candy manufacturer that frequently existed in American cities. The buildings are also significant under C as intact representatives of commercial and manufacturing buildings, and the store is additionally notable for its outstanding Adam Revival interior design.

- National Register Nomination

Photos and their arrangement 2004 Chuck LaChiusa
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