Darwin D. Martin House Complex - Table of Contents

2011 Photographs - Martin House Complex
Photographs taken September 28, 2011

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South Elevation (Jewett Parkway)

Verandah at right  extends the house horizontally, a main feature of a Prairie style house

Even the Roman bricks  help  extend the house horizontally

Note 5' wide cantilevered overhanging eaves in upper left.

Barton House at right

Pergola and Conservatory at right
East Elevation (Summit Avenue)

From left: Martin House, Pergola, Conservatory

Note crane at left

From left: Martin House, Pergola, Barton House

From left: Martin HouseBarton House

Verandah at left ..... Pergola at right

Note two (gray) drains in lawn: Wright did not use gutters which he considered aesthetically damaging

Ribbon windows help compensate for the loss of natural light in the house due to widely overhanging eaves

Special thanks to Margaret P. Stehlik, Director of Operations,
Martin House Restoration Corporation, for her cooperation and patience.

Photographs taken September 28, 2011 by Chuck LaChiusa
Photos 2011 Martin House Restoration Corporation

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