Old Post Office - Table of Contents

Old Post Office / Erie Community College
121 Ellicott Street at South Division
Buffalo, New York

Main Corridor

Main entrance on Ellicott St. ... 2003 photo

The main corridor extends around the north, west and south sides of the building ... Note original Post Office table ... 2003 photo

Original Post Office service window decorated with quatrefoils ... 2015 photo

On the first floor the main corridor is a Gothic Revival colonnade  with engaged columns and pilasters ... The round circles were for light bulbs ... 2003 photo

Paired, smooth-shafted engaged marble columns with Corinthian capitals ... 2003 photo

Stained glass symbols of 1901 federal departments which had an office in the building  ... 2003 photo

Foliated corbels support the pointed Gothic hoodmold ... 2003 photo

Tracery in windows ... 2003 photo

Acanthus leaves carved in marble capitals ... 2015 photo

2015 photo

2015 photo

Courtyard - 2015 photos

Each of the four upper stories has an open gallery or corridor facing on an interior central light courtyard with a hipped skylight ... Arranged around the corridors were originally 156 office rooms  ...  The Venetian palazzo-like interior space is one of the most impressive in the city.

skylight covers the courtyard.

Left: acanthus leaf  corbel ... Rightgrotesque corbel

Detail below:

Trefoil in spandrel

Gothic capital features acanthus leaves

Note the skylight over part of the courtyard.  Before re purposing as the Erie Community College in 1963, the entire courtyard was covered with the skylight which was removed except for this section.

Note also the eating areas with tables and chairs - all added in the conversion to ECC.

Corridors and Classrooms

Federal offices were converted into classrooms when the building was converted into a college.

Lattice windows  with symbols of 1901 federal departments which had an office in the building ... Two details below:


Stained glass

Cutler mail chute.
"A mail chute is a largely defunct letter collection device used in early multi-storey office buildings, hotels, apartment buildings and other high rise structures. Letters were dropped from the upper storeys and collected (usually at the ground level) at a central depository by the postal service. This innovation was before the time of the modern "mail room" normally associated nowadays with high rise buildings. It was for the convenience of the users of the building so they would not have to take their mail to an outside mail box or to the post office. James Goold Cutler received a patent on September 11, 1883 for the mail chute. The first one was installed in 1884 in the Elwood Building in Rochester, New York.Cutler ultimately received thirty patents for variations of his invention." - Wikipedia (online March 2015)  
Detail below:

Cutler mail chute ... Note glazed bricks

Oak wainscoting in former court room ... Two details below:

Trefoil blind arches at top

Ogee arch in door surround


Wrought iron with oak hand rail

Mouchettes  ...  Bottom trefoil arches

Mosaic and terrazzo floor

Mosaic tiles in between terrazzo

Photos and their arrangement 2003, 2015 Chuck LaChiusa
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