Trinity Episcopal Church - Table of Contents

Exterior - Trinity Episcopal Church
389 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY




Original plans: Arthur Gilman
Revised plans:
Cyrus K. Porter


Charles Berrick and John Briggs


Gothic Revival

Click on illustrations for larger size -- and additional information

Gothic Revival

Note tracery

Lancet windows

Rose window ... Pinnacles

Medina sandstone ... Pinnacles

Rose window

Medina sandstone ... Multifoil windows ... Corbels at bottoms of arch

Rose window

Cinquefoil shapes within compound arches

Note tracery on doors

Foliate design on capitals

Trefoil patterns in panels

Medina sandstone



Ridge tiles

Architect's drawing

2006 photo




2006 photo




March 2017 photo

Special thanks to Trinity Episcopal Church rector, Cameron Miller, for his cooperation and assistance
Photos and their arrangement 2003 Chuck LaChiusa
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