Harlow C. Curtiss Family in Buffalo, NY

Harlow C. Curtiss:

Deborah Bruch Bucki, Harlow C. Curtiss - Biography

Francis R. Kowsky and Martin Wachadlo, Harlow C. Curtiss -  Biography

Ethel Mann Curtiss :

Deborah Bruch Bucki,  
Ethel Mann Curtiss - Biography

Patrick Kavanagh,
Ethel Mann Curtiss in Forest Lawn Cemetery

Dr Matthew Mann -
Ethel Mann's father

Deborah Bruch Bucki,  Dr. Matthew D. Mann - Biography   
Mark Goldman, 
  Dr. Matthew D. Mann and Medical Treatment of President McKinley at the Pan-Am Expo.

Francis R. Kowsky and Martin Wachadlo
Paul F. Mann, architect  Ethel Mann's brother. Designed 204 Franklin

Curtiss Building, 204 Franklin St.

Curtiss Row House, 479 Delaware Avenue 1894? Photo

Curtiss Row House, 479 Delaware Avenue  2005 Photo

Curtiss House, 864 Delaware Avenue

Curtiss House, 100 Lincoln Pkwy.

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